I graduated from George Mason University in May 2020, obtaining a BFA in Art and Visual Technology with a concentration in Graphic Design. I enjoy enhancing visual identity through design because not only does it increase professionalism, it also builds confidence within the group or individual for whom I am designing. Creating a whole new vision is exciting to me because it allows a fresh start in portraying the company or organization’s brand to the audience, whether it is creating a new logo or redesigning marketing materials. Every single project that I have done at George Mason University has greatly impacted how I design. Now that my methodology has a solid foundation, I have the confidence to create visually captivating designs that will stand out among the rest. During my time at George Mason, I was able to learn about the many facets of design, allowing me to become a versatile designer that can provide organized, meaningful, and compelling designs.
Outside of Graphic Design, I love to swim and play the trumpet and piano. At George Mason, I was the President of the George Mason Swim Club and a member of the Green Machine pep band.
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